Indaba Music Podcast Interview 

On the way to the UK last month I spent some time in New York with Indaba Music, and I appeared in my very first podcast interview, which went live today! Mantis Evar, co-founder of Indaba and Interviewer extraordinaire, is the dude pictured and he is as cool as he looks. Hanging out in his home studio where he has recently been working with Wyclef Jean, and checking out the gold records he helped produce and engineer was totally surreal. 

UK tour 

had the pleasure of performing in the UK this month, travelling from Manchester down to East Sussex, and met some wonderful people and fellow musicians along the way. Here's a (very professional) video of Beat Down performed at the Maze in Nottingham. I'm already thinking ahead to next year, and will have dates up in the fall!


Miss Elevator remix contest winners 

Congratulations to Swedish producer Daniel Bergman for winning the Miss Elevator remix contest! 
Congratulations also to Ralph Hille and musical group Wolves Unite for their runner-up submissions. So much talent went in to this contest, thank you to everyone who participated. I truly enjoyed listening to the different takes on the track. 


Miss Elevator Remix Contest Announced 


DJs/Producers/Citizens of Planet Earth: Want to get your hands on the 3 new pocket operators from @teenageengineering and some rad eyewear from boutique durham design firm @igaaks? Head to for stems for the single Miss Elevator, and remix ya heart out boo.


JANXX tracks featured in Xbox game 

Woohoo!  Two of my original tracks are being featured in a new video game for Xbox, how cool is that?!   The game is Screamride, and you can check out a trailer below:

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